Okay, so you know how feminists like to insist that the movement is about equality, not women, and how they like to claim that the dictionary says feminism is about equality?

It doesn’t. Not the Google result for “define:feminism”. Not the site summary for, or /r/Feminism, or Wikipedia, the OED, Webster, or

Every single one says it’s about women’s rights. Equality is at best a justification.

The closest is Webster’s, which, curiously, draws a clear distinction between feminism as a belief in equality, and feminism as a movement for women.

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Most brilliant anti-feminist quote I have read to date.

And it’s from Christina Sommers, a feminist who has said again and again how she hates what feminism has become.

Remember when that feminist burned her book? Good times, good times.



Most brilliant anti-feminist quote I have read to date.

And it’s from Christina Sommers, a feminist who has said again and again how she hates what feminism has become.

Remember when that feminist burned her book? Good times, good times.



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This is so one-sided and narrow visioned, it borders on being hilarious.

  1. Let’s tackle gif one…the magazines, um so do the video makers not think men see magazines and wish they had the bodies of the guys on them? Because let me assure you, this DOES happen. Men may not protest or complain about it as vocally as women do, but it does sit in their minds and they do dwell on their “imperfect” physical prowesses. If they didn’t, would you really see so many guys hitting up the gym or casually mentioning how they want to get a six-pack? Buff muscle bound actors, musicians, model men are plastered across all sorts of women’s and men’s magazines. Men get to see the burly adonis-like physiques of people like Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt (well…back in the day), David Beckham, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, etc, front and center on the magazine aisles right next to the women who are shown just the same.

    The only reason men are less vocal in this insecurity is they are taught not to complain, that complaining will do nothing, so they have to either just give up and distress about it or hit the gym constantly, or….learn to be okay and happy with the bodies they have, but I can assure you, even if it isn’t vocally expressed, the third option is not the norm, sadly.

  2. Gif two…Superhero movies are predominantly male power centered, I get that so I concede that much. But the TV shows, reverse versions of King of Queens, Family Guy, Still Standing, shows where an overweight man has somehow scored a relatively bombshell fit/thin wife. But the problem the video makers intentionally fail to mention is that in those shows, the men suffer from being made to look utterly and appallingly idiotic. These men may have scored a hot wife, but not only is she hot, she is almost always portrayed as the voice of reason and sensibility, the smart one, the true heroine to all the man’s blundering stupidity. So these men may have scored a hot wife, but it always comes at the cost of their blithering lack of intelligence.

    So really who is the sexism against here? Is it sexist to say that men despite their physical appearance can still get a very attractive spouse? Or is it more sexist and quite fat-shaming to portray these obese men as having no redeeming qualities, to make a stereotyped trope of the idiotic fat husband? I’d say the latter is farrrrr more sexist and disgusting a trope than simply the hot wife being the smart, reasonable, praised one who happens to be married to a guy that is physically “out of her league”. You can whine about “benevolent sexism”, but really….? Portraying the men as idiotic, slobbish, fat guys is tons more sexist and fat-shaming, overall it is much worse than the role of the women in these shows. End of story.

  3. Gif three…So the video makers are trying to say that men just don’t experience catcalls, wolf whistles, and being objectified? Try again. This happens quite as much as it happens to women. Guys just vocally express their uncomfortability with it, less. And many guys just simply try to take it as a compliment. But men face these things too, stop trying to make it all “if men were women hurr durr durr then they’d deal with this stuff and be so uncomfy and they’d KNOW what women have to deal with, it’s so hard for women”. But men ALREADY DO face these scenarios. Next!

  4. Gif four…People saying “it’s hard to find a funny woman”, are sexist assholes, point blank. But this IS NOT the majority opinion, this is an INDIVIDUAL opinion. Stop trying to make this opinion seem as if it is something mainstream, it isn’t. If it was, I Love Lucy, which is quite possibly the most successful television show of the 1950s, and maybe even the 60s, would never have had so much success. The demographic of those who watched the show were equal in sex, the show came on in the primetime hours, it was a family show and families would sit around and watch it together and laugh TOGETHER. People, MEN and women, thought the antics of Lucille Ball and her comedy show were the height of hilarity. So men on the whole DO find women funny, because the aspect of what they find funny on the whole has nothing to do with the sex of the person delivering the humour. Like I said, this opinion of “you’re funny for a girl” does circulate, indeed, but it is on an individual basis, not a societal mainstream basis.

  5. The last gif…I think we can all concede that seeing a good woman president in office would be very refreshing on terms of gender opportunities having occupied the Oval Office. But just because there hasn’t been a woman president does not mean that women aren’t allowed to be president. The track for the presidency is open to anyone who is qualified for it, there is no statute which bars the presidency from a candidate based on their sex or gender. Women might feel discouraged from pursuing the presidency as this gif is trying to portray, but it is inherently misleading that this gif doesn’t bother to show the milestones and paved paths that soon enough a woman president is a strong possibility.

    Times have changed a lot, we see more and more women in political positions, positions which signify power, responsibility, and the leadership and representation of the people. Women like Condoleeza Rice, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin (even if I and most people don’t like her, she still showed some headway for women in pursuit of those executive political positions), Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, Margaret Thatcher (for leadership potential in general for the world-through, yes I know she isn’t American), Wendy Davis, and so on and so on. So the gif is being intentionally misguiding in painting the future as if women will never become president, when signs are pointing so strongly to the future being bright and more and more welcoming for a woman president.

It’s so sad to see how people have swallowed this down in reblogs with a clear lack of critical thinking. These gifs are a clear-cut case of the video makers painting issues how they want other to perceive them, not how things really are, or that an equal or close equivalent is almost always at hand on the other side.


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You know, I always laugh a lot whenever I get the “educate yourself” line, because then I get to say, “I did educate myself. That’s how I became anti-feminist in the first place.”

If you had asked me at sixteen whether I was a feminist or not, I would have answered yes in a heartbeat. And then I found tumblr, and I started engaging with the tumblr social justice brigade. And of course I thought to myself, “Well, these are just a few extremists. They don’t represent feminism as a whole, surely.”

And then I actually started doing research, looking past the pretty flowery words and instead at the actions of feminism, what they’ve actually done as opposed to what they say they’re for, because of course, actions speak louder than words. And I found the ugly truth.

About…eh, I’d say the mid-80s, feminism became less about actual legitimate issues that affect the lives and livelihoods of women and more about “critiquing” (and I use that word lightly) things that they saw as “oppression.” I’ll say third wave feminism, specifically. They have no direction, no overarching thing that they’re working on achieving, and no leadership. They’re focused on “breaking down the patriarchy,” whatever that is (none of them can seem to agree on what it is or what it constitutes, just like none of them can agree on what the definition of feminism actually is and who can be a feminist). They’re directionless and there’s more in-fighting among the feminists than there is in the Republican Party at the moment (and that’s saying a lot). They’re more worried about a song that may or may not be demeaning to women (Blurred Lines…god I am so sick of hearing about that stupid song) than about the lack of domestic violence shelters for men (seeing as how there about 40-45% of domestic violence victims are MALE, you’d think feminists would stop treating it as a gendered problem and just say “It’s a huge problem that we need to help stop”…but nope). Same for rape, but I’m not going into that today.

No, Feminism is not for equality. And if you’re going to spout the dictionary definition at me, aren’t you the EXACT SAME PEOPLE that have told me that you can’t use the dictionary definition of things like racism/sexism because the dictionary was “written” by white males and so is part of the “patriarchy?” When you can show me that feminism is aimed at achieving equality and equity among all human beings regardless of sex, race, sexuality, and financial status, I’ll believe you. But there’s a reason it’s called FEMinism. Don’t tell me the movement stands for equality when the actions of feminism say otherwise.

You’ve built this cultural narrative where women are perpetual victims, helpless in a society ruled by middle-age white males, and that women are still hopelessly behind and underrepresented in all fields. We’re not. I don’t appreciate your movement’s constant use of misinformation and manipulated narratives and statistics to promote your agenda.

When you can show me that feminism as a movement (and not just individual feminists) has and is actively working to achieve equality, I’ll stop being an anti-feminist. Until then, I’ll call myself a humanist and call out feminism and feminists as I see fit.




Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me

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Once again:  Just because you, I, or anyone else disagrees with a person’s views, that is not license to send them anon hate (or any form of hate, for that matter).

As I am struggling with firsthand (to try to distance my emotions from my opinions), it is not adding anger to anger that is going to solve anything.

Friendly reminder that if you send Anon hate to anyone because of an argument I have with them, if I find out about it, I will publicly call you out on it. I’m 100% against Anon hate.

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Anonymous said: 1.) On the whole Dysphoria truscum thing. It's really a case of wanting it both ways. Either being trans is part of treatment for a DSM V recognized mental illness…or its cosmetic. Half the trans community complains they get no funding for their procedures even though its a mental illness treatment and the other half want it to be recognized as completely normal and healthy. If its not dysphoria its cosmetic and you shouldnt expect unquestioning support for your oddness.

(Cont) 2.) can you imagine what it would be like if psychologists treated other mental illnesses the way they did dysphoria. It would be like telling an anorexic that the solution to them feeling fat is to diet excersize and stop eating so much. I say this out of concern for the trans community clearly what they are doing isnt working for them.

Seriously. If we treated anything else like some people would have us treat people being trans, we’d be absolutely outraged. Obviously, not being trans myself I base my views mostly off what people who are trans tell me, and I tend to agree with the folks who are truscum. I’ve yet to hear a compelling argument that refutes these ideas, and it’s ridiculous that a community of people that’s already so absolutely microscopic when compared to other groups experiencing discrimination is split in half by shit like this. 

jennifer-rose-talbot said: Hey man, glad to see you back.

The three weeks off and the road trip really did help, but I kept seeing shit on various other sites that made me want to come back, and I regret deleting and losing the 1.3k followers I had. I’m almost to my first hundred, but that’s not nearly the same reach. I want my posts on feminism to help people realize that really, it’s not the only equality movement, nor does it have a history of actually caring about real, true equality before the law. 

I need feminism because Diet Mountain Dew Code Red is only available in certain parts of the country, and Indiana isn’t one of them!

kidzbopilluminati said: i'm trying to get this out the best way that i possibly can but it's really difficult to put into words that actually get out what i'm trying to say but i'll start off by saying that i am actually genuinely sorry that that art piece i made offended not only you but a couple of other people reblogging it and i want to say the reasons behind why i put it up and please listen to me, i've seen artwork of characters from other kids shows with banners saying "rape is not a joke!" and other things


along those lines and i made one of my own using a character that i thought didn’t get enough attention in gravity falls for the reasons that i wanted people to respect that character for maybe possibly sharing that thought on what they think of sexual abuse, yes, i do understand what you mean by children seeing it and getting upset and that’s the main reason why i wanted to make an apology letter because, well, i thought that this was a positive enough message to just go into the main tag but yeah tumblr does actually put it’s images in other areas like google images and children could see that somehow and i’m getting really off topic but i’m trying to say that i understand why you are upset and rather than responding with some witty reaction image as my defence that most other people would do on online fights i’m just properly apologising, i didn’t necessarily agree with a few remarks you put in that comment but i don’t think that matters at all since that’s not what is important.

i’m sorry im clogging up your ask box but if it’s the only way i can send this entire thing on my mind to do with that post, because well, if i don’t apologise for things that i KNOW was something wrong, i won’t stop thinking about probably for the next few years and end up being in a terrible head space. so i’m saying sorry for drawing that art and that it was pretty much a terrible idea to begin with for so meany reasons reasons that you and i listed.

and i guess i just also want you to know that i’m not saying all of this just because i feel guilty, i’m saying this because it offended you. i’m sorry that it offended you. i deleted it a few minutes ago and i want to forget about it because it was a really fucking stupid decision and once again, i’m sorry it offended people and was made in the first place.

And I am also sorry for my own harshness, as I know quite well I could have worded things in a much nicer tone.  I have also taken the liberty of deleting my original response to the image, to avoid further discourse (and I’d sure as hell better not hear about anyone bothering kidzbopilluminati on their own blog!).  If I may, I would also like to explain where I’m coming from in a more detailed (and less hostile) manner.

While I can understand the good will behind the original message, the main problem lies in the assumption behind the wording.  As a woman in multiple fandoms (including one that seems to take the brunt of being dismissed as “misogynistic”), I have really never seen anything that can rightfully be construed as a “rape joke” (except, of course, for trolls that deliberately respond to such allegations in the worst manner possible, thus creating the problem after the fact).  Therein lies part of the problem.  Lashing out at all men for behavior that is taken part in by a minority (and isn’t even commonplace among that minority) breeds hostility.  It creates unnecessary tension, and only serves to widen the gap between the sexes. 

Before coming to tumblr, I still wore the label of “feminist” with pride.  Unfortunately, I came to see how, especially on this site, that label has been badly corrupted by those who seem more interested in spreading hatred than awareness (though, clearly, you are not one of those people).  On this site, I have seen rape victims be referred to as “rape apologists” and “rape enablers” simply for disagreeing with the current methods of third wave feminism.  My personal greatest issue with it is that people are spreading misinformation that seems designed to keep women in one, carefully controlled state of mind, with no regards for legitimate studies or statistics.  People on this site seem all too keen to forget that it takes a lot more than a joke to create a violent criminal.

As RAINN, the leading organization devoted to aiding victim of rape, has stated:


By insisting that rape is cultural, rather than the product of numerous psychological and environmental factors from a person’s upbringing, we’re diverting blame away from the actual rapists, and using it to generalize all men, while simultaneously failing to take into account that anyone - women included - can commit rape, as well as be the victims of it.

There is also something highly problematic about trying to stifle one’s means of expression.  While I’m well aware of the kind of behavior that is being targeted (such as the downright revolting existence of the “#jadapose” meme), there are ways to combat this without the implication of trying to determine how others are “allowed” to express themselves.  I have conversed with multiple victims of rape (my own mother included) that use humor as a coping mechanism.  In fact, this page is entirely devoted to that very conceptThere’s a difference between something actively malicious, like “#jadapose”, and a person benignly using comedy to let go of fear and anger.  Humor is our most powerful weapon against the things that frighten us.  When we can laugh at something, we strip it of the fear and power that it holds over us.  The late George Carlin actually makes a good point about this very topic in this video.

Lastly, I have seen too many people use cartoon characters as political mouthpieces, which creates a whole new set of problems, and only trivializes the issue of rape further by attaching it to imaginary characters.  It is up to our own voices to speak out against injustice.  That is the only way we can truly be heard.

In essence, we need to stop attacking the majority for the actions of a few.  Instead of creating a general malaise of gender animosity, we need to target the people directly responsible.

Besides being acutely aware of our own surroundings, and arming ourselves with knowledge, there is little to nothing we can do to “prevent” rape.  It is a sad fact of life.  The people that commit rape lack the empathy to connect with their actions towards othersThey are more than likely already well aware that what they’re doing is wrong.  They simply do not have that little voice in the back of their head that tells them not to actually do it.

The kind of people with the capability to commit rape are not going to be influenced not to do so by any amount of banners and signs.

Instead of blindly lashing out at the whole of humanity, we need to be focusing on the issue when it occurs, and lobby for the justice of the victims involved (such as how people from 4chan began trending #justice4daisy in order to bring national attention to the unfair treatment of rape victim Daisy Coleman).  We also need to target the issue in places where it is problematic in a way that CAN be prevented (i.e., dispelling myths such as that of “virgin cleansing”, which has caused countless rapes of young women and children in South Africa, as there is an erroneous belief that sex with a virgin can “cure” HIV and AIDS).

You clearly meant well.  I’m sure there are plenty of others on tumblr that mean well.  However, there is merit to the old saying:

"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

The only way we can change anything in this world is to work together as human beings - all of us.  Not by alienating each other according to outdated notions of gender.  We’re so busy blaming each other, we never actually address any of the worrisome aspects of our culture that do have a chance at making a difference.

We don’t have to live in perpetual fear.  And we need to stop trying to force the universe to revolve around sexuality.  Making everything about our bodies is only adding to the problem.

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